Tuesday, January 26, 2010

tik tok... mase berlalu

almost 3 month i've been working on this company..
learn many things..

the most important things learn to deals with humans...
now i know how rude the person from this country..S....
serious man.. this country doesn't looks like asian country.. so rude man..

everyday.. what they know is maki org..
nevermind la... already lali..

the most precious things is appreciation from the user itself.. just one thanx can make me smile for a day..
owhhh.. what a big day..

then.. the most sad thing is.. my friend left the company.. one by one..
get better oppurtunities maa...
hurmm... i wonder when is my day..

I really wants to jalan2..
take a long rest after 3months working like HELL
i'm working like a machine man... talking typing
until feel like dying...

nevermind next month should be my day..
hehehe.. holiday.. yeehhaa..

burn all the memory..
throw it to the sea...
never find again
poyos jek..

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