Saturday, November 28, 2009

Believe it or NOT?? dont believe la...

percaya atau x..
please don't believe any emails come from suspicious free mail.
saying that u've won something..
it looks like very stupid those criminal..
nowadays all people realized if it truth it will be announced worldwide..
as an IT person i should help you guys don't trust any suspicious email as it contains viruses
as you click or download the email. not just that, criminal will easily ask for your money by asking your account no and bank..

please refer to this link to get more info:


unwanted said...

selalu sangat dapat email.
menang satu hal, pastu ada juga yang kata hendak transfer duit..:)

tp klu aku dapat sms yang kata menang powerroot atau af, aku balas balik. kata aku sedekahkan pada dia..ha3

Lydia Amanda said...

wah... budget.. tapi kalau btol.. salute laa... hahaha.. gurau jek..