Thursday, July 9, 2009

Menaiki Tangga

what should i say about 2 weeks already i'm working as ..................
first of all i'm not intrested in this job. but i have to choose it due to transportation problem
aisey... if not.. i will be in customer service field..

day by day i keep talking the things that i also don't understand..
i try to convince each of them..
i've learned so many things there..
i face a lot of customer behaviour..
it makes me realized the world behind the phone..

it is NOT easy...
everyday i need to hiking the mountain..
everyday i feel the coldest bite me..
i feel my heart gonna explode
really makes me sick..
but then i need to go through..
i can't escape..

i feel happy to see them... clapping their hands and say *NAME* sales!!!
but at the same time i feel like stones hitting my head..
what should i do??
i need to moves faster..
thanx la people around me always gives me support..
im so glad to have friends like them..

kla.. i think that's enough for this post..
i really feel tired..

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Anonymous said...

I will always with u my dear...

-Ice Age 3-